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[HETALIA] USxUK - Fanfic Recs

February 2nd, 2011 (12:02 pm)

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This list for USxUK fics with them as nations. If you're looking for non-nation USxUK fics you can go here: [HETALIA] USxUK - AU Fanfic Recs

This list can contain any fic with America and England: from friendship/platonic to hinted romance to all out slash.


A is For by RobinRocks/robinrocks01
Rating: M
Summary: Alfie. Which Arthur totally called him last night. And thus begins Alfred's quest to get him to say it again.

Anatomically Correct by chibi_spork
Part 1 | Part 2
Rating: 18
Summary: Alfred wants to know which places in England the different parts of Arthur's body represent. Arthur wants to know whether this sudden interest is just a really weird kink. Lemon

Conquests of a Failed Gentleman by pippinssocks
Rating: T
Summary: Okay, seriously, this is the UN. Kindly keep all nymphomaniacs outside the building. America/England

Here I Am by mizumimi also posted at Mizu-Tenshi@FF
Rating: PG-15/T
Summary: AU-Swapping. Alfred and Arthur are lovers. America and England are definitely not. When England and Arthur somehow switch places, with no way to get back to their own world, both parties have to confront things they never wanted to admit. AlfredxArthur Implied USxUK

Highway Cloudbusting by stardropdream
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sick of politics and business as usual, England decides to indulge a rare moment of spontaneity and go on a roadtrip. He should have known that America would want to tag along. And they both should have known that the trip would set them down a path they couldn't turn away from.

  • Starswept(Sequel to Highway Cloudbusting)
    Rating: NC-17
    Summary: Just because you confess your feelings doesn't mean everything will fall into place from there - and England and America both have things they need to understand and accept about themselves and each other.

Meetings by saramon
Rating: M
Summary: In which America has to sit down and gets fidgety. And does fun things with England, like semi-consensually molest him.

Misplaced Soil by stardropdream
Rating: NC-17
Summary: An argument leaves England and America to reassess and redefine their "special" relationship, all the while England is stuck in a country he doesn't fully understand despite his best efforts.

Save a Horse, Ride a Gentleman by belanova_knight
Rating: NC-17
The United Kingdom wishes to re-establish trade routes with the United States. Alfred is a little more than willing to do so, and the reunion was a little more than what Arthur had bargained for. Cowboy!AmericaxGentleman!England. Smut ahoy! UKUS

Thanks for the Pranks by Car
Rating: T
Summary: Due to the overwhelming maturity of both nations, America and England find themselves in a different kind of war than they are used to...A prank war! Who will get the last laugh? "Mark my words, old man, this is war." "Bring it on, brat. Bring it on.

Separated by a Common Language, Indeed by ai_08
Rating: T
Summary: In which America gives England a condom and England is properly mortified. If by mortified you mean extremely interested. Based on the "rubber" comic. UKxUS, and pretty much the rest of the world as well.

Underneath by shiny_n_new
Rating: R
Summary: It was the look in his eyes that England couldn't forget. Dark!America


Don't You Know Which Clothes Even Fit Me? by CarbonBlack
Rating: T
Summary: When America is coerced into retrieving England from one of the last places in the world he expected to find the Brit, he sets out on a mission to experience and expose this interesting and strangely un-lame side of his former brother.

Lying in that Sound, Tonight by stardropdream
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Before the victory of the allies, before the United States of America joined the war, before Lend-Lease, before everything — there were just two nations, two men, who just refused to meet halfway until it was forced upon them.

New Horizons by Shatterdoll
Rating: M
America finds England to be just a bit...boring. When he finds a pocket watch that takes him back in time, however, a glimpse of the man England once was may change that. Pirate!EnglandxAmerica, Rated M for future chapters.

Pangaea by Narroch & RobinRocks
Rating: M
Summary: UKUS/USUK. On the eve of the outbreak of the Second World War, England and America disappear. From history.

-May be edited to add fics at a later date-